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QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 01:25:33 EDT 2002 | gerits

Dear Sir, I do not want to mix in this "subjective" discussion but as an employee of Assembl�on (buider of FCM II, FCM multiflex 50, 75, 100) I can provide you with MTTR, MTBF, placement data (0201), software, and other (also customer) data on our e

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Philips FCM2, FCM2 MultiFlex

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Philips FCM2 & FCM2 MultiFlex for sales customerst@163.com

Customer Satisfaction Technology Company

Philips FCM2, FCM MultiFlex, ACM

Philips FCM2, FCM MultiFlex, ACM

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Philips FCM2, FCM2 Multiflex, FCM MF-Auerboat, ACM for sales   customerst@163.com

CS Technology

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Philips Carrier kit (PA2726/05)

Philips Carrier kit (PA2726/05)

Parts & Supplies | General Purpose Equipment

New carrier adjustment kits For FCM II and FCM Multiflex Very sharp price !!!


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customer service engineer

Career Center | Timisoara, timis Romania | Engineering,Maintenance,Technical Support

Working as a service engineer at ICCO EMT for more than 10 years experience in service activities in Eastern Europe for pick and place systems from Assembleon starting 2000 in all major EMS sites, beginning 2006 involved in evaluation (first system o

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PA2654/57 Philips Assembleon FCM ITF2 44mm R4 Feeder

| https://www.feedersupplier.com/sale-13067747-pa2654-57-philips-assembleon-fcm-itf2-44mm-r4-feeder.html

 for Assembleon pick and place machine   Type: PA2654/57   Application: ITF2 44mm R4 feeder for Philips/Assembleon FCM FCM2 AX301 AX501 SMT machine   Hot sale all size Assembleon /Philips


Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd | https://www.qy-smt.com/shop/532269392009-translator-flexi-guide-216817?page=160&order=name+desc

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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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