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Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 11 15:18:26 EDT 2005 | etienne

I was wondering what is the equivalent of the Philips Eclipse 1 as per Yamaha Part Number. I know that the Philips Topaz is the Yamaha YV100 but for the Philips Eclipse, I couldn't find anything.

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 03:00:24 EDT 2005 | Base

Eclipse/Emerald: Yamaha #88 Orion / Topaz: Yamaha #100 Sapphire: Yamaha #112 Yamaha typically uses the number of usable feeder-positions as their model number. Greets, Base

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 04 17:46:22 EDT 2001 | Marshall

The YV100X is Phillips TopazX in the U.S. while the YV88 is the Emerald. Now, We find the Juki's 2020 and 2030 more superior than Yamaha's or Philip's because of their flexibility in component handling and the standard features that come with the Juk

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 17:52:10 EST 2006 | jasont

Hi Darby, Orion is the same as Topaz and Yamaga YV100?? What are the differences betwen Orion/Topz? Thanks, Jason

conversion to VIOS (Assembleon / Philips? Yamaha)

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 17 23:12:37 EST 2019 | heartykand

Hi All Does anyone and know where to get Yamah YV100-XT SOFTWARE ? With compact flash card ? Thanks

Yamaha pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 02:57:53 EDT 2018 | rob

Yes I would, most of our old Yamaha machines (before 2005) will do 30-35 microns @ 3 sigma with the fine camera option. Our Jukis with His res camera's will hit it too. You should be OK with most things after 1997 with the right camera choice (whic

Philips Orion 2 Error Message

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 22:14:21 EDT 2007 | DSD

The Philips Orion (Yamaha YV100) Head I/O Board is usually at fault as this tends to suffer trackwork problems with age due to the constant flexing of the board stressing the connectors on the board, thus breaking tracks within layers. You should not

Assembleon / Philips support. Ask your question.

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 26 17:16:24 EST 2010 | jlawson

If you have trouble also you can check out Valors vPlan, i have it running Yamaha YV100Xxg machines - they support Assembleon versions too. Can generate VIOS files from ALtium Input - either CAD DB files or ODB++ as Altium Designer supports this now.

Yamaha YV100 Feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 01:54:57 EDT 2006 | AR

I assume that you are referring to the same kind of mechanical feeders (older type) that are used on the Philips (Assembl�on) Topaz as well. First make sure that the right gear pulley spring is set to its stiffest position (the loop at the end of the


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