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HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

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Quad 4c MK2, vision problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 24 12:43:18 EST 2020 | marcelorotofrance

Hi Bob. When I initialize the system, all functions appears. In "Utilities/Initialize System Comm" option too. I have to confirm yet, but this problem appears to not happen in all programs. The red error message shows when I launch the program. My su

Quad 4c MK2, vision problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 24 14:37:58 EST 2020 | marcelorotofrance

Hi again Bob. I have checked the machine and it resulted that the files of that program were corrupted in some way. All other programs worked fine. I have a back up copy of all progs in a different drive so I fixed it. Two days ago there was a huge b

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