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Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Industry Directory | Association / Non-Profit / Training Provider / Events Organizer

The SMTA membership is a network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies and related business operations.

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment / Pick and Place / Repair / Rework / Soldering

Manufacturer of a BGA / QFN / SMT rework stations, reflow soldering equipment, reflow ovens, and smt pick and place machines.

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Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine

Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine

New Equipment | Pick & Place Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine Head: 12 Heads PCB:560 mm * 460 mm Equipment weight: 4800KG Product description: Hi

Flason Electronic Co.,limited

Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine

Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine

New Equipment | Pick & Place

Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine Head: 12 Heads PCB:560 mm * 460 mm Equipment weight: 4800KG Product description: Hitachi TCM-X300 Pick and Place Machine -Good Price! Good Quality! Good Service!

Flason Electronic Co.,limited

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Quad zcr reflow oven need electrical schmatics

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 10:31:50 EDT 2009 | tropical

Looking for electrical schematic for Quad zcr reflow machine. Tried PPM but no luck. Anyone have it?

reflow oven parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 16:47:15 EDT 2004 | dgjjr

I'm looking for Quad ZCR 941 parts outside of the Tyco pipeline. Anyone know of a good reseller with access to Quad oven parts? dj

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Quad ZCR 941C

Quad ZCR 941C

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Reflow Oven Features: 4 Top Zones 4 Bottom Zones Edge & Mesh SMEMA

Baja Bid

Quad ZCR

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Quad ZCR edge and mesh 4 zone reflow oven. Excellent shape.


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Non-IC Electronic Components Covered in Latest Update of JEDEC and IPC Quality and Reliability Standard for SMDs

Industry News | 2012-02-07 00:45:44.0

IPC and JEDEC have released the C revision of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture/Reflow and/or Process Sensitive Components. With an expanded scope, the document now covers the handling, packing and shipping of non-IC electronic components that have been classified per EIA/IPC/JEDEC J-STD-075, Classification of Non-IC Electronic Components for Assembly Processes.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Effects of Reflow Profile and Thermal Conditioning on Intermetallic Compound Thickness for SnAgCu Soldered Joints

Technical Library | 2010-04-29 21:40:37.0

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of reflow time, reflow peak temperature, thermal shock and thermal aging on the intermetallic compound (IMC) thickness for Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu (SAC305) soldered joints.

Flex (Flextronics International)

Leaded and Lead-Free Solder Paste Evaluation Screening Procedure

Technical Library | 2010-05-12 16:21:05.0

Numerous studies have shown that greater than 60% of end of line defects in SMT assembly can be traced to solder paste and the printing process. Reflowing adds another 15% or so. In light of this fact, it is surprising that no simplified procedure for solder paste evaluation has been documented. This paper is about such a procedure.

Indium Corporation

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Career Center | kerala, any ware India | Production

i have experience in                                                                           • Operation of wave soldering and water cleaning machine • Inspection ( Reflow and Post Wave ) • Pre Reflow inspection in SMD • Component forming stuffi

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SMTnet Express - February 11, 2016

SMTnet Express, February 11, 2016, Subscribers: 24,106, Members: Companies: 14,981, Users: 39,912 Effective Methods to Get Volatile Compounds Out of Reflow Process Gerjan Diepstraten; Vitronics Soltec Although reflow ovens may not have been

SMTnet Express - August 17, 2017

SMTnet Express, August 17, 2017, Subscribers: 30,720, Companies: 10,649, Users: 23,665 The Effect of Vacuum Reflow Processing On Solder Joint Voiding And Thermal Fatigue Reliability Richard Coyle, Richard Popowich, Charmaine Johnson - Nokia Bell

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Gossen M504G MAVO-MONITOR USB ID_60089: World Equipment Source


and Accessories Miscellaneous Ovens PC Board Cleaners Reflow Ovens Rework Systems and Accessories Screen Printers Selective Soldering Machines Solder Paste and PCB Inspection Machines Spare Parts

CF8 Documentation Package

GPD Global |

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,000 GPD Global® CF-8 Precision Axial Lead Former 12/08/94 Specifications2-8 Figure 8 Component Elements Lead Pitch = .2", .4" (5mm, 10mm) 2.2.4 Processing Ranges Figure 8 and Figure 9 below illustrate various component elements. The CF-8 is capable of

GPD Global

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