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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 29 14:39:51 EDT 2013 | gregp

Hi Jake, A few questions: Is your CS-740 JIT bin dual picker or single picker? If it is a single picker then the answer may be as simple as getting a dual picker. Next question...what is your bin usage? Can you double up some of the more common part

Auto stencil printer or AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 12:53:26 EDT 2012 | deanm

CS-400C: As with anything, once you are up on the learning curve its really not that bad. The "E" machines should be easier due to the touchscreen and the floppies are PC compatible unlike the "C" and "D". There are third party software providers tha

through hole questions

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 21 11:40:53 EST 2014 | gregp

Hi Spoilt, Thanks again for the feedback. It is really an eye opener for me. What I fail to realize is that perception, whether right or wrong, plays a big role in whether or not someone might consider a process change. Your first comment is reall

Re: Tweezers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 10:05:23 EST 1999 | SMTASSY

Regarding a Fristch semi (using tube feeders on the left side and 200 bins on a rotary belt. From working with one about 3 years ago, we found that we had an average of 240 components per hour placed versus 320 without. The difference being that you

Re: Tweezers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 13:11:00 EST 1999 | Nancy

Maybe it is all what you get use to. Our assemblers like the vacuum pen. Since we do more than passive components, some parts would be difficult to hold and line up. As for as our Fristch, we use it as a manual and just have our bins on the side.

PANASERT MviiF Nozzles Breaking Frequently

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 09:22:12 EDT 2007 | ed_faranda

You're on the right track. 99% of the time, it is caused by a feeder not seating correctly. Check and ensure that all your tape covers are down and LOCKED (very important). Which type of feeders are you using Q or K? One thing I have found with K


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