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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

Industry Directory | Assembly / Pick and Place / Test Services / Equipment Dealer / Broker / Distributor

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited professional in Surface-Mount Technology area and supports most major brands of electronic asembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT.

Dingji electronics technology co.,ltd.

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

specialized in the filed of component level industrial electronics repair,CyberOptics laser repair:Juki laser,Yamaha laser,Samsung laser,Tenryu laser,Philips/Assembleon laser etc.,and repair all kinds of JUKI industrial circuit board:Juki laser unit(KE700 KE2000 FX-1 KE2070 KE2080),laser control card,I/O card,Cpu card,Image card,Sub cpu card,Xmp card,AC/DC servo moto,servo driver,Industrial monit

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yokogawa	EJA120A

yokogawa EJA120A

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Cambia Automation Limited specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts Packing & Deliv

Cambia Automation Limited

yokogawa	F9342L-02

yokogawa F9342L-02

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Cambia Automation Limited specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts Packing & Del

Cambia Automation Limited

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Repair of Qsp2 driver boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 14:57:57 EDT 2004 | Steve

I have some servo driver boards that intermittantly fail and would like some information on getting them repaired. Do any of the members know of a 3rd party repair facility that can repair/exchange these boards? As not having a schematic for these so

Problem with Juki KE750 servo

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 24 16:35:16 EST 2017 | siltron

Hi everyone, We bought a used Juki KE a few months ago. Installed it at the beginning of this year, but have some problems with the Z and ROT servos. As soon as the machine is powered on, the ALM04 red led turns on on some of the Z and ROT drivers.

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Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Inventory Description Qty XXX00158 1001 NOZZLE 12 XXX00159 1002 NOZZLE 1 XXX00160 1253 NOZZLE 2 XXX00161 1005 NOZZLE 4 XXX00162 1523 NOZZLE 4 XXX00163 1004 NOZZLE 1 XXX00157 AC SERVO DRIVER 3 XXX00156 VACUUM PUMP 4 XXX00154 AC SERVO DRIVER 1


Minami MINAMI MK-mark2

Minami MINAMI MK-mark2

Used SMT Equipment | Screen Printers

Type A Screen frame size (X)650×(Y)550mm (T)25~40mm (X)750×(Y)650mm (X)29'×(Y)29' Accommodated PCB/substrate size  Minimum(X)50×(Y)50mm (T)0.4~2.5mm Maximum(X)330×(Y)250mm Overall Size (D)1235×

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Professional SMT spare parts and Machinery proiveder

Industry News | 2016-11-30 21:45:55.0

The XW-SMT Promise on SMT Spare Parts • New, original or high-quality SMT Spare Parts. • Significantly lower prices than the original manufacturers price. • All SMT Spare Parts and Consumables are fully inspected. • Large quantity of Spare Parts stocked. • Extensive supply chains throughout Europe and Asia. • Quick quotations, Great savings and fast delivery services.

Shenzhen Xiangwei Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.

Orchid Technologies completes industrial motion control design

Industry News | 2009-07-29 07:03:29.0

High-power industrial motion control is a demanding art requiring a mix of power electronics techniques coupled with modern digital signal processing.

Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

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Yamaha YG200 servo board KGN-M5840-040

Yamaha YG200 servo board KGN-M5840-040

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

YG200 servo board KGN-M5840-020 sells YAMHA VISION board / YAMAHA head I/O board card / YAMAHA board card / YAMAHA original brand new board card / YAMAHA second-hand board card / undertake factory board card maintenance. KM5-M5880-11X D. POWER ASSY.

KingFei SMT Tech

Yamaha YV100II servo PCB assy

Yamaha YV100II servo PCB assy

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

YAMAHA SMT YV100II servo PCB assy KM5-M5840-004 pcb assembly YAMAHA SMT YV100II servo PCB assy KM5-M5840-004 pcb assembly KM5-M4200-01X SYSTEM UNIT ASSY.    KM5-M4200-02X SYSTEM UNIT ASSY            KV1-M4110-00X BOX ASSY,C/R   

KingFei SMT Tech

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Dealing with the Top Five Factory Floor Productivity Killers in the PCB Industry

Technical Library | 2009-04-16 22:38:55.0

The worldwide electronics industry has sales of $750 billion, two thirds of which is accounted for by PCB assembly. PCB manufacturing is characterised by an obsessive drive for increased productivity in the context of three significant industry drivers: shorter product lifecycles, more complexity, outsourcing

Mentor Graphics

An Automatic Surface Defect Inspection System for Automobiles Using Machine Vision Methods

Technical Library | 2020-08-27 01:15:10.0

Automobile surface defects like scratches or dents occur during the process of manufacturing and cross-border transportation. This will affect consumers' first impression and the service life of the car itself. In most worldwide automobile industries, the inspection process is mainly performed by human vision, which is unstable and insufficient. The combination of artificial intelligence and the automobile industry shows promise nowadays. However, it is a challenge to inspect such defects in a computer system because of imbalanced illumination, specular highlight reflection, various reflection modes and limited defect features. This paper presents the design and implementation of a novel automatic inspection system (AIS) for automobile surface defects which are the located in or close to style lines, edges and handles. The system consists of image acquisition and image processing devices, operating in a closed environment and noncontact way with four LED light sources. Specifically, we use five plane-array Charge Coupled Device (CCD) cameras to collect images of the five sides of the automobile synchronously. Then the AIS extracts candidate defect regions from the vehicle body image by a multi-scale Hessian matrix fusion method. Finally, candidate defect regions are classified into pseudo-defects, dents and scratches by feature extraction (shape, size, statistics and divergence features) and a support vector machine algorithm. Experimental results demonstrate that automatic inspection system can effectively reduce false detection of pseudo-defects produced by image noise and achieve accuracies of 95.6% in dent defects and 97.1% in scratch defects, which is suitable for customs inspection of imported vehicles.

Nanjing University

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E9626729000 DRIVER(FOR 4 SHAFT MNLA) E9626901000 PRESSURE CONNECTOR E9627252A00 CONTACT E9627727000 CCD CAMERA CS4200J E9627729000 Z/THETA DRIVER (4 SHAFT FMLA E9628727000 ROBOT CAMERA CABLE (5M) E9628729000 DRIVER(FOR 2 SHAFT FMLA) E96287800A

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd



We also supply following  Panasonic spare parts : 3086206100AD AUTO WIDTH CONTROL UNIT N606MRJ2-233 MOTOR DRIVER 3086223050AE REAR CONTROL PANEL UNIT N610039278AA CABLE 3086218009 SHEET 3086218010 SHEET N1F932052 SWITCH N1F932050A BOARD N1

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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SMT Engineering Professional

Career Center | Nashville, North Carolina USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Management,Sales/Marketing,Technical Support

Screen Printer programming, maintenance, calibration Placment machine programming, mainteanance, calibration SMT Process and Manufacturing engineering Project Management New model introduction Supervision skills Training skills Leadership knowledge S

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Euro Amp Servo Driver 114025 – IslandSMT

IslandSMT |

Euro Amp Servo Driver 114025 – IslandSMT Skip to content Island's Quality IslandSMT Your Service Destination For SMT Parts, Service, Testing


Panasonic AC Servo Driver - Capital Equipment Exchange


Panasonic AC Servo Driver - Capital Equipment Exchange 815-363-0800 Toggle navigation Products Pick and Place Screen Printers Fluid Dispenser Reflow Oven Wave Soldering PCB Wash

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