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Panasonic deep lane feeder

Panasonic deep lane feeder

New Equipment | Components Panasonic deep lane feeder SMT Spare Parts Panasonic feeder Panasonic CM402 CM602 NPM deep lane feeder Usage: SMT pick and place machine Product description: Pa

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SAKI AOI BF-10D Resolution 10μm Board size:460×330mm Dimension:​850 × 1360 × 1380mm weight:450kg Product description: SAKI AOI BF-10D High speed, inline, dual-lane production, Resolution 10μm, Board size:460×330mm, Dimension:​850 × 1360 × 1380

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New SIPLACE SX4 sets records in performance per square meter

Industry News | 2010-08-17 13:40:20.0

The SIPLACE Team has unveiled its latest placement machine, the SIPLACE SX4. As a high-speed addition to the SIPLACE SX platform, the four-gantry machine sets new standards in terms of placement performance per square meter of floor space – an important metric in the investment decision-making process. With its placement speed of up to 120,000 cph on a footprint of only 1.90 x 2.65 meters, the new machine even surpasses the previous record-holder SIPLACE X4i in terms of performance per square meter.

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DEK Support Pin 107785 112069 SMT Spare Parts Tooling Pin Magnetic 81mm STD DIA

KingFei SMT Tech |

. Other productivity-enhancing options include a two-lane conveyor configuration that feeds components directly into a dual-rail pickup so that both products can run at the same time

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SMT Reflow Oven Reflow soldering process-SMT Technical-Reflow oven,SMT Reflow Soldering Oven-cmsadmi


= 4 minutes Calculate Line Speed:   (3 boards/min) x (8 inches/board) 0.8 Line speed = 30 inches/minute Therefore, the reflow oven must have a process speed of at least 30 inches per minute

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