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West-Tech Materials

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Specialty materials for SMT Assembly. Solder Paste, Spheres, Tac Fluxes, Flip Chip Fluxes, Solder wi

Universal Assets

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Buyers of Scrap Materials and Surplus Machinery, Equipment and Inventories Precious Metal Refining Warehouse Liquidation PCB & Electronic Scrap Recycling Purchasing of Used Surplus Semiconductor

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Slic Blade™ SMT Squeegee Blades

Slic Blade™ SMT Squeegee Blades

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Fine Line Stencil's unique Slic Blade™ process uses electroformed nickel to form a hard, very smooth surface with extremely low surface energy (high lubricity). Solder paste readily sticks to most metal surfaces, even coated blades, due to metal's hi

Fine Line Stencil, Inc.

HL-3408 ESD Hand Lotion

HL-3408 ESD Hand Lotion

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This static dissipative hand lotion is formulated specifically for use in and around static sensitive electronic and cleanroom areas. The hand lotion contains no parabens, fragrances, or dyes and will not affect solderability or cause corrosion. Ava

Static Solutions

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Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 11:50:39 EDT 2006 | Rob

SN100C is designed not to corrode your pot, and can be used on standard solderpots (after a proper clean out), whereas SACX is still corrosive and if the coating is compromised then could cause problems. Get it in writing from the supplier that the

Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 09:10:32 EDT 2006 | Claude_Couture

Hello all, The situation: We recently had 2 brand new solder wave installed, one after the other. On the first one, the "protective coating" on the solder pot started to flake off 1 day after start-up. The tech who did the installation witnessed it a

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FINE LINE STENCIL Premiers Slic Blade™ Squeegee Blades

Industry News | 2008-06-11 18:26:39.0

FINE LINE STENCIL announces Slic Blade™, its newest line of squeegee blades, and a SMT VISION Award winning product.


FINE LINE STENCIL Wins a 2008 VISION Award for Its Slic-Blade Squeegee Blades

Industry News | 2008-04-08 22:33:32.0

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO � April 2, 2008 � FINE LINE STENCIL, a division of FCT Assembly and a leading manufacturer of stencil products, announces that it has been awarded a SMT VISION Award in the category of Assembly Tools for its innovative Slick-Blade Squeegee Blades. The award was presented to the company during a Wednesday, April 2, 2008 ceremony that took place in Las Vegas during APEX 2008.


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ACI Technologies, Inc. |

. This effect has been cited as the most common cause of failure in solder flip chip assemblies. To alleviate the problem of CTE mismatch, underfill encapsulant that has a CTE value between the substrate and flip chip is generally filled in the gap between the chip and organic circuit board

ACI Technologies, Inc.


Heller Industries Inc. |

. SELF-CLEANING OF COOLING MODULES & COLLECTOR BASE Over time, the inside surface of the cooling module tubes will collect a layer of flux film or crystals (snow flakes

Heller Industries Inc.

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