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MPM screen printer

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 09:32:28 EDT 2004 | Mr Fix it - MPM

Sounds to me like the driver for the tactile is not working. The tactile has three components to it. The first is the switch, the second is the pneumatic up/down actuator and the third is a small motor in the tactile assembly. The motor has a driv

mpm up 3000 ultraflex

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 13 13:51:44 EDT 2015 | tnisbet

The problem could be the tactile motor, we have it in stock. Please contact sales@goppm.com and request a quote for part number CA-399.

mpm up 3000 ultraflex

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 02 17:06:39 EDT 2015 | aemery

Just to clarify, you are talking about the inner black box not driving down and not the pneumatic function that brings the tactile assembly closer to the stencil? Sometimes the pneumatic shafts get slightly bent and the assembly will not retract. T

Tactile Hardware limit MPM Ultraprint 2000

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 09:02:34 EDT 2009 | kpm135

We replaced the tactile sensor's linear actuator on a MPM Ultraprint 2000 HiE. Now we are getting a Tactile Hardware limit error every time we try to find the stencil height. I was hoping some one could explain why we're getting this error and any i

MPM screen printer

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 16:54:55 EDT 2004 | Kuru

I just installed a used Tactile sensor unit, Now it now reads error "Tactile Sensor sensor never closed". If anyone knows or seen this problem pls help. I have adjusted the flag on the photosensor.The photosensor appear to be functioning but the step


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