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TAF40 Spray Fluxer

TAF40 Spray Fluxer

New Equipment | Wave Soldering

Stand-alone - matches well with any existing wave solder Minimum flux residue by: Minimal spray pressure Optimum distance from nozzle to PCB Edge-off (Pat. pending) feature Ease of Operation - Touch panel D

Tamura H.A. Machinery, Inc.

Beckhoff KL2408

Beckhoff KL2408

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Contact: Sandy Lin Skype:onlywnn_1 Telegram:+8618020776786 Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786 QQ :2851195456 Moore Automation Limited Our services  Packing & Delivery 1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal ! 2)War


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Hot Air Knife

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 20:31:52 EDT 2003 | tejasdpatel

Hi People! We are leading assembler of car audio systems in US. Since last few weeks we have extream problems with wavesolder operations, bridging is a major defect. To solve this we have decided to install Hot Air Knife. I contacted Electrovert but

Flux tanks

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 12:38:07 EST 1999 | Rich Cary

We are looking for some sealed (pressurized?) flux tanks with low qty. warning for use with our Tamura spray flux machines. I have heard that a company named "Binks" has made similar tanks for other companies, but when I search on the net for them I

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Tamura Any ...8 zones

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Looking for a good condition refurbished TAMURA reflow oven Qty : 1 unit 8 Zones Right to Left flow, with N2 function Contact if have stock Look forward business with you Rgds Nathan Jack H.F.T. Pte Ltd Singapore

H.F.T. Pte Ltd

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Seika Machinery, Inc. Introduces Academic Discounts for Universities

Industry News | 2010-04-22 19:34:44.0

TORRANCE, CA - Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading distributor of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, now provides special academic discounts to university labs and other organizations that provide educational services to engineering students.

Seika Machinery, Inc.

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