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Heller Industries Inc.

Heller Industries Inc.

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Reflow ovens for automated SMT PCB assembly, specializing in lead free processing and nitrogen reflow. The best convection reflow ovens on the market.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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The SMTA membership is a network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies and related business operations.

MPI Thermal

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The ThermalAir temperature products are a series of high capacity thermal air stream systems that are used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling and device temperature characterization of comp

Spectrum Laser &Technologies, Inc.

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NASA STD-8739.3 or NHB 5400.3(3A-2) - Space & Military Manufacturing Contract Design and Manufacturing - Commercial ProductsCapabilities include automated SMT and PTH AssemblyThermal Cycling and Test Set DevelopmentQuick turn around/Quick responseTurn-key or consignment assembly


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Manufactures a wide range of environmental test solutions capable of temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock, production stress screening, accelerated stress testing, combined environment testing, controlled humidity exposure.

Micom Laboratories Inc.

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Micom Laboratories Inc.’s test offering includes: UV testing, corrosion, temperature & humidity cycling, Thermal shock, Material testing, Package, Coating testing. We are ISO 17025 accredited.


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We provide, high quality, one stop shop, contract EMS and general assembly services. We excel in all component placement capabilities, extensive test, sub-assembly, order fulfillment and distribution.

Soletech Corp.

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Semiconductor and SMT equipments sales new and used. Includes FA lab equipment Test, FIB, SEM, EDX,, C-SAM, inspection and probers

Verdant Electronics

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Pioneers in the area of solderless assembly technology and originators of the OCCAM process. Developing IP for next and future generations of high reliability and better performing electronic products.

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