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Looking for tech support on the TRITON SMT IV Washer in Ohio.

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 13:24:45 EST 2011 | kmakiya

Sounds like you have a bad heater. Check current on each leg of the heater circuit, CON6 for the wash and CON7 for the rinse. The current should be the same on each leg. Trek is now part of Stoelting, tech support is 920-894-2293. Hope this helps if

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Trek Stoelting Triton IV WestKleen SMT

Trek Stoelting Triton IV WestKleen SMT

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Make:  Trek Industries Inc Model: Triton IV Westkleen SMT Details: Inline wash 208V – 3 Phase – 60Hz Condition:  Complete  & Operational Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin Availability:  Im

Lewis & Clark

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Libra Industries Installs a Trek™ Triton MIL Electronic Cleaner

Industry News | 2014-03-11 11:47:42.0

Libra Industries announces that it has installed a Trek™ Triton MIL Series Electronic Cleaner from Stoelting.

Libra Industries, Inc.

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