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Honeywell 51304084-100     MU-TPIX12   Pulse Input FTA comp

Honeywell 51304084-100 MU-TPIX12 Pulse Input FTA comp

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Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M23  Logix5555 Processor  1.5MB Non-Volatile Memory

Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M23 Logix5555 Processor 1.5MB Non-Volatile Memory

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

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SMTA Announces Lead-Free Soldering Technology Symposium Schedule at SMTA International

Industry News | 2013-08-01 13:16:42.0

The SMTA announced that the Lead-Free Soldering Technology Symposium will be held on October 17, 2013 as a focused symposium at SMTA International in Fort Worth, TX.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Evaluating Automated Wafer Measurement Instruments

Technical Library | 1999-08-05 09:34:44.0

This document demonstrates a sequential process of evaluating automated wafer instruments and discusses why this approach is useful for studying instruments that have automation features such as loading and focusing mechanisms. The methodology specifies a series of experiments consisting of two or more capability studies followed by a stability study. Each experiment achieves a separate goal, yet combines with the others in providing information needed to assess the usefulness of the instrument.


Mitigation of Pure Tin Risk by Tin-Lead SMT Reflow- Results of an Industry Round-Robin

Technical Library | 2017-10-12 15:45:25.0

The risk associated with whisker growth from pure tin solderable terminations is fully mitigated when all of the pure tin is dissolved into tin-lead solder during SMT reflow. In order to take full advantage of this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand the conditions under which such coverage can be assured. A round robin study has been performed by IPC Task group 8-81f, during which identical sets of test vehicles were assembled at multiple locations, in accordance with IPC J-STD-001, Class 3. All of the test vehicles were analyzed to determine the extent of complete tin dissolution on a variety of component types. Results of this study are presented together with relevant conclusions and recommendations to guide high reliability end-users on the applicability and limitations of this mitigation strategy.


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.           N100, N200 perforadoras neumáticas para singulation La Etiqueta PCBs derrotado La Etiqueta PCBs derrotado puede ser singulated rápidamente y limpiamente usando uno de los instrumentos de perforadora de Serie N

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