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Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 12:26:55 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Sounds like your flux to me. Since you cannot change the board or the machine, changing flux would be one question mark you could take away with a phone call and a sample. You will really be surprised how different fluxes can affect your final prod

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:06:58 EST 2007 | pjc

5 Steps to Eliminate Bridges: 1. Establish (wave) Parallelism First and foremost, you must establish board-to-wave parallelism. This is the prerequisite to any wave solder process control. For an understanding of the power of this approach go to ht

buying guide for used double wave solder and ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 20:49:11 EST 2004 | marcowong

We are trying to buy used double wave solder and ICT machine and we need some advice on selecting the machine and things to be cautious with. It will be greatly appreciated if someone can offer us good suggestions that will help us to minimise mist

buying guide for used double wave solder and ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 21:27:00 EST 2004 | marcowong

Dear Darren, Please provide more information of your machine, selling price and where it is at the moment. If it is not in Penang malaysia, please also let us know the transportation cost too. Thank you.

buying guide for used double wave solder and ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 08:44:58 EST 2004 | pjc

Be smart, be skeptical and be educated on the machines you are looking at. If you are going to do business with someone you don�t know, check them out. Ask others in your region and get at least ten customer references from them.

buying guide for used double wave solder and ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 21:02:53 EST 2004 | darburch

If you find your self interested in an electrovert machine we have a UP600 for sale, a good machine if you have experience with electrovert. As for a buying guide I'm not sure if there is a reliable source who has compared the different models.

buying guide for used double wave solder and ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 02:37:43 EST 2004 | darburch

We are asking $10,500us for this machine, as for shipping I will see what I can come up with as we are in Canada. This is a dual wave machine with foam fluxer. It has not run in 3 years but when we had it in production results were favorable and cons

Re: Epoxy printing and wave soldering on 0603 and 0402 components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 03:11:23 EDT 1999 | SPEZZAFERRI Luca

| | | Hi, | | | | | | I need some urgent informations on stencil design guidelines on how to perform epoxy printing on 0603 and 0402 components. Could anyone help? ( Reflow process is not possible because of some other constriants) | | | | | | Sec

SMT Solder paste and wave flux evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 12:29:01 EST 2005 | Bob R.

We use the exact same method Chunks outlined for evaluating just about anything we're going to roll out worldwide, whether it's a material or a machine. List your factors (print speed, solder spread, etc), assign each a weight, evaluate each paste a

SPC - Reflow and Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 14:07:20 EDT 2002 | ppwlee

Thanks for all replying to my printing SPC posting. I like to expand the SPC discussion on reflow and wave soldering. I am aware of the common methods of applying periodic measurements using test vehicles though the machines to collect critical pr

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