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1Click SMT Made Successful Installation and Training For Thai Customer!

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Recently, our engineer Peter went to Thailand to provide after-sales support for our customer. In these days, we had installed a SC-900 selective coating line . Moreover, Peter gave patience and meticulous training to their staff, make sure they master the machine usage .Customer and agent are satisfied with our support and give their affirmation to us. SC-900 is a high Performance 4 axis Selective Coating Machine ,which is equipped with high precision servo control system , various valves , CCD system ,material tank weight detecting system etc, which can provide a high efficiency conformal coating process .The maximum coating size can reach 400mm*450mm with SC-900. So far, we've installed several dozen conformal coating line all over the world. It have excellent stability and performance. Check below link to get more info!


The Effect of Coating and Potting on the Reliability of QFN Devices.

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The fastest growing package types in the electronics industry today are Bottom Termination Components (BTCs). While the advantages of BTCs are well documented, they pose significant reliability challenges to users. One of the most common drivers for reliability failures is the inappropriate adoption of new technologies. This is especially true for new component packaging like BTCs. Obtaining relevant information can be difficult since information is often segmented and the focus is on design opportunities not on reliability risks (...)Commonly used conformal coating and potting processes have resulted in shortened fatigue life under thermal cycling conditions. Why do conformal coating and potting reduce fatigue life? This paper details work undertaken to understand the mechanisms underlying this reduction. Verification and determination of mechanical properties of some common materials are performed and highlighted. Recommendations for material selection and housing design are also given.

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COT specializes in high quality SMT nozzles and consumables for pick and place machines. We provide special engineering design service of custom nozzles for those unique and odd components.


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