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Re: Desperately looking for help

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 11:15:20 EST 2000 | Travis Slaughter

I�m not sure but it looks like the �mini-chip thingie� is a filter cap if so it should not stop the playstation from working, may not work like you like but should do something. Did you use any static protection? If not you may have fried one or all

Preheater for hand soldering - GET REAL!!!

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 24 14:52:15 EST 2013 | davef

Aw, spare me!!! You guys have too much money to spend. Go to Walmart, KMart, where eva. Buy a electric fry pan griddle thing. Plug that suka in. Turn up the heat. Cook some boards, components [grilled cheese sammy??]. Get to work doing what eva. Liv

Re: Adapting Surface Mount IC's for Bread Boarding

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 20:58:11 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Mike wrote: ...I did buy "Surfboards" built for this purpose but they averaged about $5.oo a piece, and when your running 20 trainers, and they still have to be soldered in place. $5 a test is kinda high when evaluating a 32 cent chip...(snip) Hi

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