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Propensity of Immersion Tin surface finish fo whiskers

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 12 09:39:39 EST 2005 | Amol Kane

thank you devef....My point is this....If you solder all the areas that have Imm Sn on them, there wont be any whisker formation DUE TO THE IMM TIN COATING.....whiskers could still potentially form as a result of COMPONENT FINISHES and effective miti

Bareco wax on pressfit connectors?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 12:08:07 EST 2003 | davef

Paul We don't like to mix metals on press fits. Yano, we do gold on gold or solder on solder, but we don't mix metals [except with imm silver / tin] to avoid electrochemical corrosion. Is that bad information or does AMP think that's not a problem


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 17 16:07:23 EDT 2003 | davef

So, how do you know it's "oxidation"? If the parts didn't solder, why aren't the parts the problem? Do the parts take-on solder? Please describe: * Appearance of the post-solder components. * Scope and extent of the problem. * Appearance of the po


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 23 08:37:02 EDT 2003 | davef

Your fabricator should be able to re-apply the imm tin very easily. Actually, if we had boards like you describe [and we were sure we didn't mess them up], we'd be be making strong implications that our fab would need to make this right. Don't pin

pcb plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 14:30:36 EDT 2002 | davef

Assuming you are talking about solderable surfaces: People specify various materials to protect the solderability of the pads on the board. Gold, actually, Electroless Nickel - Immersion Gold [ENIG], is popular. * Board fabricators like it because

Reflow Profile ENIG Vs. Immersion Ag

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 07:06:06 EST 2005 | davef

There's a lot of comparison tables on the web. Here's one: Properties - Summary [A Winlow Circatex] Attribute Hasl Immersion Silver Immersion Tin Electroless Pd OSP Eless Ni / Imm Au Shelf Life (months) 12 12 12 12 12 6 Multiple Reflows

soldering ROHS boards with sn/pb components

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 11:25:11 EDT 2008 | blnorman

We use immersion tin boards and ENIG with Sn63Pb37 with no problems. We did have to tweak the profile higher with ImmSn though.

Immersion White Tin

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 13:33:36 EDT 2007 | jax

Solderability!!! The CM in question has probably seen too many solder problems with White Tin in the past. We have had the same issues. To save us from spending too much time and money(verifying pure Tin plating thickness, Chemical leaching from th


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 10:46:43 EDT 2003 | davef

If you are saying that you have discolored white tin at in-bound inspection, you have bad boards. The boards are fabricated incorrectly. Your fabricator is deficient. That is the GREAT thing about imm coatings. You can look at them and determine

Imersion Tin - does anyone have experience ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 12 07:37:13 EST 2002 | davef

Immersion plating appears like electroless, sorta, but is different chemically. Plating is converting metal ions in solution to metal on the board. Those metal ions are "converted" by adding electrons to them. The source of these electrons defines

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