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Silver Sulphide Contamination of Resistors

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 21:28:24 EST 2001 | davef

I don't know where sulfur would get into your resistor supplier's process. Your processes are more likely candidates.

Interleaving paper for Immersion Silver PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 17 14:52:17 EST 2008 | gnath

All, Can someone help find a source for purchasing interleaving/packaging paper for Immersion Silver boards (sulfur free + ph neutral ..). Thank you!

PCB immersion silver discolouration

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 21 10:55:52 EDT 2008 | vladig

As long as the surface is solderable, you should be fine. Silver tarnish a well0-known thing. Make sure, though, there is no sulfur (S) "around". Regards, Vlad

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 26 12:25:44 EST 2010 | blnorman

You can try a 5% solution of sulfuric acid. It's used to clean copper foils to IPC-TM-650 method 2.3.15 prior to testing for purity.

Sulfur in ESD Mat

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 21:04:32 EST 2017 | davef

Yes, "corrosion" should be on your buyers spec for ESD mats. ESD mats are another one of those sneaky little gotcha things, where it's easy to think that all blue mats are the same. Kapon tape is another one where you can't purchase strictly based

Sterling Silver/ Immersion Silver

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 23:52:24 EDT 2007 | gioblast

HI..anyone who can give me a link to enlighten me on this plating for pb-free..Most people say this is the same? ARe they really? or different in process?? ..Any info on best storage for this plating? I have read all those stuff like avoiding sulfuri

Imm Silver tarnish?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 18:28:29 EDT 2008 | blnorman

We have an immersion silver board that has a brown discoloration after processing. It's not flux residue, that normally doesn't cause this condition. Elemental analysis shows less than 1% sulfur, and I thought silver sulfide is more a black color.

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 14:42:55 EST 2010 | davef

smt_guy: In removing passivation coats and handling oil, board fabs do light washes with: * Sulfuric acid * Alkaline * Water ... and then blow dry. They do not see "oil" like you seem to be talking about. Their "oil" is the assumption that someone

Sulfur in ESD Mat

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 21:00:02 EST 2017 | truthseeker

Thx for following up. We have a small PCB in a defense application that has copper sulfide issues. We are using Ion chromotagraphy to track down varions ionic species including sulfates. Your post was a aha moment for me. We have a sample being analy

Raw PCB packaging

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 22 08:31:42 EST 2006 | davef

Q1 Are there any standard regulating the subject? Very few infos found on IPC. A1 We�re unaware of standards for packing and storage for most types of boards. * IPC 4553 standard for Immersion Silver Finish, 3.8 Packing and Storage. * J-STD-033 and E

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