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yellow residue

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 13:55:44 EDT 2006 | Steve

Using no-clean flux going thru wave when comes out there is a bit of flux residue left on board. If wiped the residue shows a yellowish tint. Any ideas what this means how to get rid of it?

Immersion Silver - Yellowing

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 12 16:56:13 EDT 2008 | ppcbs

We have a double sided board with Immersion Silver Plating. After reflow the Silver turns a yellowish color. It still wets good, and the yellow color will polish off with a pencil eraser. Has anyone seen this, or know the cause?

PCB Pad become brownish after IR reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 00:03:55 EDT 2009 | linseeg

We encoutered few PCB after IR reflow the PCB pad change color from silver to yellowish / brownish. Our IR reflow peak temp is ~250 degree. The brownish cannot be remove with IPA as well. What is the main reason causing this issue?

Flux turns BRIGHT yellow when in contact with Tin/ Lead

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 11:41:34 EDT 2020 | emeto

Very interesting.Safety datasheet suggest acid that might turn yellowish. I am interested is it cleaned easily with water?

Components Turn Yellowish!

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 20 15:22:26 EDT 2005 | Jaya

Hi There, Good Day 2 Every1.:) I'm in mid of issue of SMT Components (Resistor & Capacitor) Turn Yellowish issue after reflow oven. Is there anyone have handle this issue previoslly and what is the reason behind the components behaviour in such. Can

PCB SolderPad Yellowish

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 05 01:38:12 EDT 2005 | plcc

I hv a PCB (mtrl is RF35). After going thru' reflow, we found yellowish stain on the solder pad (solder mask). It looks like burn-marks. The reflow temp use is 245oC. We tried running bare pcb under 220oC, there's minimum stain found (acceptable),how

PCB finish for RoHS?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 05:20:37 EDT 2005 | jim

Ted, Is your pcb problems after reflow process related to the change of color of the pcb to yellowish? I have such problem when running thru' the pcb under ROsH condition. This pcb does not change color previously when running under non-ROsH condit

Components Turn Yellowish!

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 08:12:18 EDT 2005 | Rob

We've also seen it where a component has had a long soak at a high temp (last one was 220C for 1.5 minutes)without exceeding PBT. The long soak was due to the oven only having 3 heated zones. On the last occasion there was some concern over the lea

Stain on PCB from reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 14:09:48 EDT 2010 | richardli

We found stains on the boards come out of reflow oven. The board itself color changed to yellowish from white . We understand discolor soldermask due to high temperature. This can be acceptable by our customer not the stains. The stains look like wa

Solder Joint Discolouration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 08:52:30 EST 2019 | ameenullakhan

Hi Steve, We did the below trials today. 1. Run the board in O2 environment. result : Yellowish appearance was observed. After DI water Cleaning : Still the yellow color is there. 2. Same board run secondary side. Result : First side board yel

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