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anyone build circuits for hire?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 08:01:37 EDT 2004 | Ordie.

How many boards? What type of components? Surface mount, through hole or both? Single sided or double? Any surface mount or through hole pins? Ect.

anyone build circuits for hire?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 09:19:11 EDT 2004 | gwrulz

http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/danise/cart.pl?db=stuff.dat&category=Cylon Basically what I want, but wanting more LEDs Search net for "knight rider circuit" Thanks!

anyone build circuits for hire?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 12:27:47 EDT 2004 | Cal

We are interested. contact me off line cal cal driscoll CTDI.com cdriscoll@ctdi.com

Help on getting SMT installer company

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 21:19:21 EDT 2004 | adiaz

Thank you Edward! You and Vinnie recommended the same company, it means, they are the ones to hire! Thanks again, Alfredo

Lead free Solder Paste troubles !!!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 14:05:54 EDT 2004 | johnl

Thats why they hire process engineers at solder companies. We might as well benefit from em.

Need Universal GSM Operator, Pleasanton, CA

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 08:01:52 EDT 2004 | davef

It's nice companies are looking to hire, but this is a technical forum. Please use the "Career Center" [ http://www.smtnet.com/career_center/ ] for job postings


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 06:16:40 EST 2004 | simonalden

I'm not looking to hire a consultant (plenty of those around) but rather discuss issues as they arise as well as talk about key areas to focus on, such as building up quality systems and procedures etc


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 13:25:25 EDT 2006 | TMC

I do not know about Indium but dealing with Kester has been the WORST experience I have had dealing with a supplier. Do not know who does the hiring at that company but they are failing miserably. No, I am not a competitor. Just a pi%$@! off FORM

MPM UP2000 Installation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 08:40:32 EST 2006 | Chunks

I forgot to answer Smartasp's question of having an "expert" install the machine. But I see WML is on the case. Smartasp - hire Larry and he can get your MPM up and running by replacing it with a DEK.

wearing of cotton gloves in production

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 07 07:47:53 EDT 2006 | Chim Richalds

Years ago we hired a consultant who helped try to resolve our high solder defect rates. He recommended the use of finger cots - $50,000 in consulting fees later, we still had the same defects.

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