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juki comments

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 14:00:40 EST 2006 | Steve

We are currently runing a JUKI 750 and 760 as well as a 2060. I can't say enough good things about the quality of the machines and service from JUKI. I've had zero downtime in the last 2 years due to mechanical breakdown and our machines run 18 hours

Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Tue May 08 08:26:15 EDT 2001 | caldon

Yes Siemens has a fixed tray feeder for matrix trays. If I remember correctly the tray will occupy 1/2 of the table.The feeder is a two part system 1) is the base 2) the the flat tray (just like what is used in the waffle pack changer). the flat tray

Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 15:20:35 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

You can make up a plate over lapping the tape exit guide and to the right up to the nozzle changer. It should hold three standard size Jedec trays. I used the bases of two old vibratory feeder. No matter what you do, you should use strong magnets to

Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 09:14:57 EDT 2000 | M Cox

ISO a source for Matrix Trays For plcc20, plcc28, plcc44, etc thanks Mike c

Re: Matrix Tray Feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 15:34:24 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Parvez: Most people use matrix tray feeders supplied by the placement machine supplier. Are you saying that Universal Instruments doesn't have a feeder for 28 mil square matrix trays? I'm suprised!!!! Dave F

Recycling Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 14:48:10 EDT 2002 | ChrisN

Looking for outside company that recycles matrix trays and plastic reels for surface mount components. I am trying to find a company that will provide boxes and be willing to pickup our reels and matrix trays to return back to suppliers for refund.

Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 13:53:15 EDT 2002 | cnoonan

I am looking for companies that buy used Matrix trays in excellent shape. I have over 5000 trays per month and I am looking to sell them to customers that need trays. We have several types of trays for QFP�s, BGA�s and several other miscellaneous t

Matrix Tray Setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 15:05:18 EST 2009 | bobpan

Craig: Make sure you have done a table changeover and then when you go into teach tabletop there should be a tab at the top that says matrix trays. After selecting that ...choose the tray you want below and then right click on a part on the tray in t

Matrix Tray

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 25 18:13:33 EST 2005 | mika

Cheers for the info JAX, sounds like what I was > looking for. In the PTF You can have 2 matrix trays in the same feeder slot; one on the left side and one next to the other one; You don't need to mesaure the first pick-up location, distance from

Re: Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 05 16:52:56 EDT 2000 | Ioan

Mike, are you sure the PLCCs come in trays?

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