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Temporary Stencil for MPC555 PBGA

Electronics Forum | Mon May 27 18:16:28 EDT 2002 | Carol Stirling

Hi, I'm looking for Temporary Stencils to assist placement using a Sniper Rework Station. The PBGA is a MPC555 Motorola with 272 pins. The ball map shows 4 populated outer rows, then 16 balls in the centre of an open, unpopulated area. Could I g

uBGA rework and X-Ray inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 18:28:01 EDT 2000 | Michael Parker

Hello - I am currently evaluating uBGA rework and X-Ray inspection solutions. I would like any advice/warnings etc. regarding suppliers and equipment. I have already researched through the threads in this forum and have created a list of recommended


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 18:21:55 EDT 2007 | Hegemon

Consider how the vast majority of PCBs with BGAs are produced. Forced air convection. Anything that comes closer to duplication of the original soldering profile is what you desire. Did they build it with IR or Convection? The process engineer wa

what to buy?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 01:57:55 EDT 2009 | kaz

Hello All, My first visit here. I own and operate a small Industrial & Consumer Electronics Service Shop. There is more and more modules with high density fine pitch SMDs that we cannot handle. We bought PACE ThermoFlow BGA SMD station with a bunch o

Air Bath Rework System

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 14:21:13 EST 2004 | James Dornan of APE Inc

A little late but if this subject is still of interest the following paper from APE may be of interestwhen considering IR to Air Bath: HOT AIR versus IR and other convection Rework Systems HOT AIR is the most popularly chosen method of rework in th

Quality Control/Production and Management

Career Center | Melbourne, Florida USA | Management,Production,Quality Control

Technical Skills/Abilities: � Management � Quality Assurance � Strong Troubleshooting Skills � Strategic Planning � Employee Training � Quality Assurance � Problem Resolution � Mechanical/Technical Aptitude

Equipment Maintenance Technician

Career Center | San Isidro Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

                                                 Duties & Responsibilities (Equipment Technician):  Production line support, conduct setup and troubleshooting on handled machines such as COB and backend equipment.  Conduct Preventive maintenance

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