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PIHR... what do you think...?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 17:52:37 EDT 2014 | jorge_quijano

Update 6/12 After solder preform (SAC303 0603) I did not get good result... Couple of connectors have a guide pin that does not allow enough space for preform :( I will try with aperture size modification for my next run. What about step up stenci

Humidity and BGA Solder Sphere Sticking or Clumping

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 10:23:35 EDT 2014 | reballer

I have been applying solder spheres to BGA packages. During the process, the spheres are run over a stencil for placement. The spheres tend to stick to each other (and clump), even away from the stencil pattern, when it is humid in the work area. I'm

Looking for some help with Samtec SEAM-GP mounting

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 18:18:34 EDT 2014 | jorge_quijano

Hola Grayboard, I've had the same situation with these components, I changed the stencil apertures a little bit and use a stepped stencil (5-6mil), after some trials we were able to get decent yields, but we still had some failures, what we discover

Solder Bridging On SMD Pad for Nexlev Connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 23:07:42 EDT 2014 | rajz

Help Needed. I face a solder bridging issue on solder mask define pad at edge only for nexlev connector . The pad design such as smd at four corner only. The bridging happen on signal to ground pin only. Current stencil we use 22 round with 6 mils s

Operation Cost for SMT prototype line

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 16:23:14 EST 2014 | budro

The company I work for is installing a SMT prototype line, and I've been asked to determine the cost of operation. I know there will be cost for solder, solder paste, flux, stencils, glue, nitrogen, ect... I just want to make sure I'm not missing any

Land Grid Array soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 20:09:18 EDT 2016 | adamjs

I have tried adding more paste but get shorts and excess flux as I get above a 7 mil stencil. You do need the thicker stencil. To prevent the shorts, you need to have your pick-and-place machine probe the exact height of the board (at multiple loca

Samsung SM482 and BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 00:11:30 EDT 2016 | ricoloverde

Hi, new to the forum here. First Post! Ive been using a Samsung sm482 for about 2 years and recently got the heads up that we will be getting a project soon with a BGA chip. Im wondering if anyone on here uses the SM482 for BGA and if so, can offer

Stencil Aperture Size vs Copper Pad Size

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 18:59:49 EDT 2016 | oleksz

What should be solder paste stencil aperture proper size in comparison with PCB copper pad for lead free technology? When designing PCB foortprints I was using solder paste pad undersize of 2.5 mils (0.06mm) per side (solder paste pad size was 2.5 m

Average consumption soldering paste per sqm?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 13:01:08 EDT 2017 | emeto

Very interesting, how you can answer that with that many details that you gave us. Here are some preliminary questions, before anybody can give you any answer: Pb or Pb-free? 3mil stencil or 8mil stencil? How many shifts? Quantity will depend also o

MC110 High-Accuracy Manual Stencil Printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 09 07:56:25 EDT 2017 | prdmm1

our company has just purchased the MC110 High-Accuracy Manual Stencil Printer. the only thing I'm not sure about is how to use the PCB Edge Stopper. how is this used? the groove with the stoppers on it is too deep to hold a board because it would s

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