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Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 03 16:55:48 EST 2009 | tstrat

If the contamination came from the SMT process I would have expected it to be present in the joint above the finish. It is isolated to the EN layer in the ENIG finish. We are doing more analysis to determine the number of boards with the contaminatio

Cover tape tearing

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 10:25:14 EST 2005 | GS

Hi Liza - polystirene monolayer (blend ?) could be sealed at less presure, ie 35-40 PSI. Temprature could be 165�-170�C. For sure after sealed you shoud make sure the sealing strength (peel strength)should meet min 15-25 N.(bet avg from 25 to 45 N)

Sm t net
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