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Re: all powerfull UP78..or is it..?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 15:24:12 EDT 1999 | Kevin Hussey

Ok folk's has anyone used Alpha Metal's UP78 solder paste ? Our place is looking to move to that as the way to go, getting rid of the Hereaus 362's and Alpha 737's of the current set up. My question's are really : how is the printabilit

Re: What cause Solder Wicking ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 15:40:50 EDT 1998 | Justin Medernach

Hi, Does anyone has experiences in reflowing Ceramic BGA and found solder wicking ? Solder wicking has the syndrome that solder being wick from the pad and ended up in the leads. We have rule out the possibility of not p

Re: Use of solder paste for leaded thru hole parts????

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 13:17:50 EDT 1998 | Upinder Singh

Hi all . Thanks to Ryan, Brian , Justin and Dave for the timely help earlier. I would appreciate if somebody could help me in the stated issue: I am trying to to place one thru hole 20 pin connector along with the SMT components by p

B.I.C. SMT Process Controls

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 20:51:43 EDT 2001 | davef

Sowaza BIC? Ru the ball point pen people? Know no sites, like thet, but let�s see what we can do here. Wedabomb. First, rather than defining the controls your suppliers must use to produce your product, why not specify a DPMO rate er suppin like t


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 20:15:55 EDT 2001 | davef

We use glue for all kinds of purposes. [See, first we glue the lock on the office door. Then, we glue dadour locks on dakah. Next, we glue the ignition of the Benz. Now, webee gon stylin�, uh huh!] Oooops, sorry got lost there for a minute, the

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 00:34:42 EST 2015 | comatose

There isn't going to be much worthwhile used equipment out there if you mean true jetting - it is a pretty recent process. There are lots of used stencil printers out there, so from an up-front cost perspective, stencil wins. Jetting is slow. A hig

Re: Screen printing the board from........

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 10:30:46 EST 1998 | Ron Costa

Hello everyone! Does any know anything about bare board size variations? Is there a spec. or tolerance? I'm running small lots of boards and during the screen printing process I find that I cannot paste each board perfec

Re: Stencil printers, what's really out there?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 10:20:12 EST 2000 | se

Steve, I'd stop worrying about the in-line feature of the printer, I've never really seen an in-line system that wasn't capable of batch operation and there will be very little, if any, cost saving associated with going batch load only. An in-line m

Re: Screen printer, MPM or DEK

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 15:14:54 EST 2000 | dean

Dek 248 / 249 (mfg'95) MPM 2000 Realignment? Are you having to insert print offsets (X.Y, theta)? If yes, your vision cubes are out of alignment. This typically happens if a "crash" occures. A "C" tool can correct this. Or are we talking abou

Re: converting from 0805's to smaller packages

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 06 10:52:09 EST 2001 | Steve Thomas

I don't know the specs. of our MSHII's, as I'm sort of detached from that part of the process, but supposedly they are capable. Panasonic also recommends we buy all new feeders (well, big surprise there), because of the risks involved with retrofitti

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