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Next Philips question........

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 04:17:10 EDT 2007 | hannua

In the VIOS file between lines &B.MNT and &B.OPT you will find the index number (in hexadecimal, four digits just in front of the reference designator in each line) into the component and feeder table. The feeder table entries are designated with &F

Topaz blow part off when picking up.???

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 07:56:40 EDT 2009 | thanhnguyen

hello all I have a Assembleon Topaz. at head # 2 everytime it going down to pick up the part, it just blowing the part off from feeder, i did replace vacuum vale but still doing the same. any input is helpful. thanks

List of machines that use CL feeders?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 17:58:20 EDT 2022 | compit

Assembleon / Philips / Yamaha - Emerald, Emerald II, Topaz, Topaz II, MG-1 ..... and many other models from these companies.

Topaz Xll tall components

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 22:35:36 EST 2015 | mac5

Marius, Place the component furthest away from the feeders first.

Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 24 21:19:40 EST 2005 | smartasp

Hi, We are also a hig mix low volum plant situated in Sri Lanka and just installed 2 Opals inline from Assembleon with the feeder exchange carts for faster change over. This machines can be upgraded to Topaz by just installing 4 more heads. So far

Philips Topaz programming question

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 11:24:57 EDT 2007 | jimmyjames

If you're getting that kind of error it's most likely that your feeder bank hasn't been told that the stick feeders can be placed on the back of the machine, or like they said in earlier posts, the stick feeder size itself may be incorrect in the sof

Topaz - New to me - L305 SoftLimit... ??

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 09 12:15:14 EST 2010 | rajtaware

Check if the feeder position is out of picking area mentioned in manual. Change the feeder position.

Topaz Xii Pitch index help

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 02 10:09:47 EST 2020 | abarrow

Update-Please disregard Hello, new to the forum and machine so please bear with me. I am looking to change the pitch index on 12 and 16mm cl feeders. Is there a setting that I am not seeing or is an intelligent feeder required for this. Thanks in adv

Topaz X Opinions Please

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 20:53:08 EDT 2001 | davef

Sorry no practical experience, but I've looked at these machines and hold them in high regard. As long as you have lots of feeders you'll be fine in a quick turn shop. They're fast, have a great range of component type placement capability, fairly

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 02:57:03 EDT 2001 | kjellman

Hi, Why not have a look at Philips/Assembl�on, their ACM machine is quite nice. It may also bring you down to Flip Chip, 0201 some through hole and odd form placement. Nice options like bulk feeding, coplanarity tests, fluxing for FC, prom feeders (

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