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Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 12:01:16 EDT 1998 | Chrys

Have you tried the new Accu-Frame from PNC? It tensions on all four sides using an operator-INdependent mechanical scheme. It seems pretty slick. They're failry new, and don't have a frame for the MPM's last time I checked, so I haven't tried it m

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 10:00:00 EDT 1998 | EFData

The quick frame does work well with the DEK 265, but we feel that tensioning is user dependent and introduces variation into the process on an operator to operator basis. Also, because tensioning occurs only on two sides (instead of four) this also i

Re: SMTECH Sigmaprint 500

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 13:47:17 EDT 1998 | kend

I have 2 and am generally pleased with them. 1 machine has performed perfectly without fail, while the other has had a number of problems. The problematic machine was once a demo and probably took alot of abuse before we got it. Easily a 16 mil pit

Re: Cleaning solvent for missprinted PCB (paste & Glue)

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 11:08:03 EST 1998 | Bill Schreiber

Smart Sonic's 440-R SMT Detergent cleans all types of solder paste, wet SMD adhesives and post solder flux residue from misprinted PCBs, stencils and tooling. 440-R SMT Detergent is non hazardous and is certified by the Air Quality Management Distri

Re: Recommend SMD equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 15:30:24 EST 1998 | Keith Schermerhorn

I am specing out a desk-top type SMD proto-typing and reworking machine for low volume application. Capabilities to 10 mill pitch on a 160 lead quad pack are required. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Re: Cleaning Ceramic Substrates

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 26 12:22:22 EST 1998 | Bill Schreiber

The Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process has been very successful in cleaning misprinted ceramic substrates. We would be happy to test clean your product. Contact me toll free at (888) 499-7440. Bill Schreiber We currently use an abrasive fiberg

Re: reflowing through hole components

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 09:23:56 EST 1998 | Justin Medernach

we are looking for paste printing specs.& stencils holes shapes to perform soldering reliability d.o.e. of the a.m. subject. looking forward to your info. tech. dept. /telrad prod. Call 1 800 4 INDIUM and ask for a sales person. A paper

Re: Screen printing the board from........

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 23:52:26 EST 1998 | Ron Costa

Hi Ron, Your question really opens up a "Pandora's box", but when you say you're not able to print perfectly, what is it exactly that you mean? Is the print lacking volume? Is it mis-registered? Are you bridging? Also, what printers have you used

Re: Feeder Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 10 06:40:23 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

You have 4 SMT techs and 1 feeder tech? How many lines do you run? And what size is you load? These questions just came up, because I'm an SMT Technician. there is only one of me at our company,Fortunately we have only one line, but it's loaded 250,

Mirror image BGA connectors

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 08 09:47:00 EDT 2001 | Adam

I'm trying to develop a process for a small assembly consisting of two mirror image PBGA connectors, I've built the first prototype, but I ran into different problems: 1. The SMT connector was shifting during placemnt, and I knew one issue i have to

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