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Wave Soldering Thick PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 00:48:21 EST 2002 | peterson

Being in the backplane biz, we too, encounter similar problems...especially when our customer reads the IPC as Biblical (you will achieve 75% fill or be turned into a pillar of salt). Anyway, recently, one of our process engineers suggested paste-hol

Solder Paste Inspection System.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 12 11:20:08 EST 2002 | BTaylor

I agree with davef on most subjects including this one , we have used a microscope and an experienced inspector for years and done just fine. Recently due to customer demands we an acquired an ASC 3-D inspection station, and it works great it told us

Cpk Variables Control for Paste Printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 00:14:47 EST 2002 | ianchan

Hi Guys, Can anyone help us out here, please? We need to know what formulae (other than Length(L)xBreath(B)xheight(Z)), is used to determine what volume of paste is required for 20mils pitch leadless chip carrier (LCC28), for the paste printing pro

BCC Technology --- Placement, Rework, Reflow

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 24 23:11:36 EST 2002 | sy_koh

I am looking technology for BCC package. The preliminary datasheet from customer show that it had rectangular flat pad on the joint. The smallest pitch is 0.6mm having 96 I/Os. I am currently putting BGA, uBGA, CSP and CBGA onto PCBs usinf no-clean

Solder paste for RF boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 21:27:16 EDT 2002 | djarvis

Everything we do is RF and have had no problems in the last 7 years with - Indium NC-SMQ92J, Sn63 Pb 37, 90.25% Metal, -325+500 mesh. Stencils are always 0.005" thick. However I will qualify that by adding we are an OEM and each new product may requi

BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 17:33:31 EDT 2002 | wilcoxito

We are just getting started doing BGA assembly at our plant. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. My first main question is about stencils. We are considering using diamond shaped holes for the BGA pads. Does anyone have any experience

BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 00:28:11 EDT 2002 | alex_kirichenko

Hi Ben! I was in your position just over 12 months ago.. We use round appetures for BGAs and don't have any problems with it, as long as thiknes of your stencil is correct. As for baking BGAs befor placing. I haven't had any problems with devices

BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 14:42:53 EDT 2002 | jaltland

I have another question about bga's and stencils. We were told by a manufacturer to use .012 square apertures for .009 dia balls. The original pick & place and reflow goes pretty well (over 95% good), however when we have to select components on th


Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 26 15:34:09 EDT 2002 | Daan Terstegge

It does work, but you must keep in mind that not only the stencil must be designed for it, but also the board. Trying to use the pin-in-paste process for a connector with an ordinary wave-solder layout will result in lots of touch-up. You'll need sma

Reliability of U-shape appetures

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 21:47:44 EDT 2002 | alex_kirichenko

Hello everybody!!! We are going to start loading 0402s and I'm looking into all diffirent sorts of problems. From this forum I see that tombstoning is the main one. I found article about using U-shape appeture design for 0402s. I never had stenc

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