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Recycle ESD bag ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 16:08:43 EST 2001 | CAL

As long as the bag integrety is not sacrificed I would put it back into production. no tears, wear, exessive labels, folds........ In a previous life many moons ago.......we would have our receiving department put returned field failures in used ba


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 09:39:49 EDT 2001 | Cal

I went to the SMTNet Career Center and Found 76 pages of jobs available. Are you kidding me? The two hours of my life that does not revolve around electronics can be better spent elsewhere than wading through 76 pages of job postings. On a serious n

Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 04:20:50 EST 2000 | R Lahat

Vishy, I was in the same boat. I had to run 3 siemens smt lines and get good results. I used the Arena simulation software to program in my 3 smt lines and found it very complicated but can be done. In parallel I took in industrial engineering stude

Should I manufacture my own boards or outsource them?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 14:41:11 EST 2002 | Randy Villeneuve

On the outside looking in the cost of manufacturing your board assemblies may look high. I will tell you that it is probably a good price. There are allot of hidden costs in manufacturing and yes equipment right now is cheap but try buying parts chee

Re: A note of thanks

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 10:29:57 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

Ben: Congrats on a new "adventure." Hey where are you going to work??? Give us the company URL. We can email your new boss recommendations. Wouldn't that be great??? Dave F Same company....just a different position, Got a promotion, I've

Re: Lemme' re-phrase that

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 20:03:54 EDT 1998 | Ben...heh...bet your gettin sick of this

Let's try this: Here in Pennsylvania, the state legislature subsidizes training that employers provide. So here, the employer pays half and the state pays half. Is there a similar program out in Washington? Dave F Well, we kind of do, it's call

Where's The Drill?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 21 14:53:44 EST 2001 | mparker

All it takes is an agreement signed by the employee upon date of hire. The employee is issued tools to do their job. They sign a document that lists the tooling inventory and replacement costs, stipulating that the employee is responsible for the too

Networking is the key to success in the world today...

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 15 11:40:27 EDT 2002 | melo_guy

Hey chris, What state do you live in? I speak with engineers, and research companies all day long, its my job. I will keep you in mind when i see if they are hiring. I often check a companies employment opportunities to learn a little more about

Where do I Start?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 09:20:06 EDT 2002 | Randy V

I have over 15 years experience in manufacturing, both microelectronics and board assembly. I currently work for a large CM and I have worked for large OEM's. I understand your situation and your companies concerns. It would very difficult to go into

Capability Process CPk

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 16:04:31 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Well I don't agree with Mr Fox. Cp and Cpk i.e Capabilitiy studies always yield good results and add vigor to the engineer and the process. You might want to hire a consultant or go to some classes to make sure you do this correctly for your si

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