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Polyimide Stencil Vendors

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 12:40:09 EDT 2010 | stepheniii

Are you talking about mini stencils for individual components? If so we check here first http://www.circuitmedic.com/products/stencils.shtml I think circuit medic only has ones for parts they have done repair work for. Their selection is a bit unu

stepped stencils

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 13:38:09 EST 2014 | jsmorse

Are there any tricks to cleaning a stepped stencil while in use. There seems to always be paste left behind around the recesses of the stencil. We have tried many different wipe combinations and don't seem to be having much luck with it. The machi

Stencil life

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 01:49:51 EDT 2018 | buckcho

Traceability can be made for many things. It is up to the factory and what it wants to implement. You can have traceability on the stencil for a several reasons: 1. Want to check stencil cycles 2. Want to verify if stencil is the correct one loaded 3

Re: Stencils Universal?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 16 20:17:13 EST 1999 | Chris G.

Are stencils universal from one printer to another? We are looking into the possibility of going from Solderprint 1414 manual printer to a more automated printer. We are also considering bringing some boards we currently outsource in house. I w

Re: Stencil Marking

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 17:08:38 EDT 2000 | Boca

How 'bout engrave / etch the fab number on the frame of the stencil?

Solder paste amount

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 09:23:26 EST 2001 | P.Gerits

Hello, Standard way to calculate stencil design can be done as follows: A normal ratio of aperture width/stencil thickness = 1.5 for pitches below 650u A normal ratio of stencil aperture width against pad width = 0.8-0.9 (or stencil aperture 10%-20

Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 21:19:41 EDT 2001 | davef

Consider running two sets of stencils and washing every four hours.

polyimide stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 10:49:46 EST 1998 | fraser

I keep hearing about polyimide stencils, but what are they like in terms of registration and aperture accuracy?

Stencil washing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 22 15:10:11 EDT 1998 | John Smith

Which kind of stencil washing system would you prefer, with or without ultrasonic?

Stencil Printing for 0201 Applications

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 09:33:10 EDT 2001 | markt

What are the challenges associated with stencil printing for 0201 applications and what process settings are recommended?

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