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Re: Equipment/Line Capability Study

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 17:14:40 EDT 2000 | LarryK

Greg, Its an open ended question your asking here. What are you trying to do? Determine if your equipment is able to do what you need? E Determine your floor spacing? Determine what, if any, inspection equipment is needed? Determine constraints/line

Laser trimming of resistors on PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 11:14:25 EST 2001 | svenson

I have an idea of trimming the resistors on a teflon PCB (FR4) after mounting and soldering. Can I use a laser to cut on a smt mounted resistor while the PCB is in functional test? The goal is to balance the resistances for a telecom application. Ha

Contamination of components

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 03 23:24:55 EST 2001 | CAL

We test Parts and Components to IPC J-std-002/003. We also use a wetting Balance tester to determine solderability. We also test with SERA. We use ROSA to electrochemically revert the components back to their original state. Need more info ... email

Slide lines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 08:45:44 EDT 2001 | danl

Dave is correct that AEGIS has a line balancing module to its CAM software called CircuitCAM if that is something you are looking into, however, the number Dave gave is a few years outdated. The new number is 215-773-3571. Or visit our website at h

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 03:58:39 EDT 2001 | welsh

Hello Mike, There is a software availible that can control the machines you have and are looking to buy, It can also perform line balancing, it has also has many other features. check out their website for more information. http://www.timmsweb.com

Re: Adhesive dispension

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 04 14:14:24 EDT 2000 | James.L

1) Adhesive dispensing -number of dot per component , what's the determined factor ? What's the distribution ? 2) What is the critical factor to monitor the consistacy of volume & profile per dot ? 3) What is the effect of temperature/balance of adhe

Wetting Balance Solderability Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 21:53:43 EDT 2001 | SR Evers

The once famous Kester unit (now discontinued by Kester) was made in the USA and still supported by Robotic Process Sytems of Liberty Lake, WA. It is being sold and serviced under the name of the RPS 6 Sigma. It is widely acknowledged to be the mos

solderability test

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 03 22:15:13 EST 2002 | caldon

RPS (Robtic Process Systems - I think) Makes a system called a Wet Balance tester. This machine is useful for Solderability on PCB sections and Components. Also for more info please go to http://www.empf.org/html/empfset.htm and down load Decemeber

Amistar Support

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 26 09:44:13 EST 2004 | Dave Chapman

Dave , I am working with a West coast Liquidator, Which has a very good condition Amistar 1998 MT 5530LQ S/N 13908-87162 , Machine has 50 feeders 80 percent are 8mm balance are 12,&16's Has lazer centering , fiducial camera, and upward looking

HASL Fiducial Disposal

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 21:58:20 EDT 2002 | davef

How do you �physically remove the solder from the fiducal prior to disposing of the balance of the rail�? We don�t HASL our fiducals. Easier to see with vid head. If you need to HASL your fiducals, consider: * Disposing of the rails with your scra

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