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Unusual board with BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 21 15:32:57 EST 2007 | rwyman

Hey SWAG- Not an uncommon scenario where I'm at. But the bottom line is, as others have said: Profile, profile, profile. Here, we have dedicated profile boards for each product we build and in most cases they're EXACT representations (my library i

Gold Flash with QFN28 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 08:59:46 EST 2006 | Dan

Yes the balls are at the outer edge. The chips we have are not showing exposed copper, but the lead-free finish...

Gold Flash with QFN28 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:21:44 EST 2006 | Dan

Sorry about that(My bad), they are copper. I believe the same thing, we need to reduce the appatures as we are already at 5mil. Our main problem is the customer...Their tests were failing and for some reason they touched that part up, and then the un

Soldering problem with SMT Header

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 11:09:56 EST 2003 | Frank

Hi, I have a soldering problem with a header SMT straight single row of 8 pins. It's a samtec #TSM-108-03-T-SV-P (P&P). The first problem I have is an allignement one. I do not use alignement pin for now but I expect to use it. Concerning solder

Problems with TI DSP modules

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 22 15:30:57 EDT 2001 | Basaran

Is there anybody in this forum who is using TI DSP 320C6203 modules for communication devices. I would like to know if anyone has problems with Solder bump- Ni pad interface delamination or problems with signal quality.? Cemal Basaran

Solder shorts with DEK printers...

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 04 07:34:02 EDT 2001 | Shvetang Dewashrayee

We have problems of solder shorts while using DEK Infinity printers. Some of the manufacturing lines are configured ina way that the side (bottomside) of PCBs mostly with passive parts is screened first and then the otherside (topside) of the PCBs w

Solder short-BGA with thermal pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 14:11:18 EST 2002 | cnotebaert

We have placed these parts. I have not had problems with them but when I designed the stencil we reduced the app for the large thermal by 20% to reduce the chance of problems like your having. If the balls are close (.040-.050" or

Soldering problem with SMT Header

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 22 08:14:47 EST 2003 | davef

When the pads on the board are too large, the component tends to swim. This skewing can be a BIG problem with connectors, eh?

Solder short-BGA with thermal pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 01:30:13 EST 2002 | haran

Currently we are running a BGA with a big thermal pad in the middle of the package and encountered high defect of solder shorts.I would like to check whether anyone has experience this problem and how this can be rectified?.

Soldering problem with SMT Header

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 02 08:51:31 EST 2003 | Daniel Werkhoven

Dear Frank, could it be that your component legs are coated with a leadfree finish? This can have an inpact on soldering when your temp.peak in only 220�C and the melting point of pure Tin is 237�C. Best regards, Daniel

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