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SnPb contents

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 20:01:08 EDT 2008 | crashoveride

Hi guys! We just had our SnPb wave solder samples tested. However, the papers just gave us the contents and the percentage of each contents found with the sample. Does anybody know the passing range and/or paramters of the following elements: Pb, Cu,

First Pass Yield

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 13 10:33:08 EST 2008 | evtimov

Hello everyone, can you tell me hoe you define your first pass yield? In my company it seems that it goes wrong: 1. smt 2. Repair 3. Wave 4. Test(some repairs) 5. FPY Somehow it looks wrong to me. Should it be separately for all processes or it sh

How many times can a component go through reflow oven?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 19:08:45 EDT 2009 | jlawson

Also consider electroltyics as some brands can only cope with one pass through reflow, 2 max. In Vapor phase 1 pass max is typical. Although depends on makers specs and what they say the device can withstand. main issue is Dielectrics get damaged , c

Machine capabilities

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 14:41:36 EDT 2010 | namruht

The machine sees the nozzles and thinks that the part is there. The lighting on the machine is in desperate need of an upgrade. Constently having to tweak the GF's to get components to pass vision. We share a line computer between 2 lines and the cam

BGA Placement Pass Rate ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 10:23:07 EST 2010 | adetuc

Hi, Does anyone know what the placement success percentage is for lead components And the placement success percentage for lead free BGA components. We place many varieties of BGA devices, over 100 different size parts, from 1000 pin BGA to small 4mm

Mirtec Training Request

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 10:29:26 EST 2013 | phase1

Good to hear, thanks for the response. Once you get the program fine tuned, do you generally have most boards that are inspected pass with the green good screen or do you generally have to review a few defects? OF course this all depends on passing r

Enquires regarding qualification of Parylene Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 09:41:24 EST 2014 | dragonslong

1 x 10^10 ohm. Can i use the same specs? 2) Similarly, do anyone have a guide of the pass/fail criterion for the DWV measurement for parylene on IPC-B-25A board? I had check the Mil-I-46058 test standard which had a pass/fail criterion of

Changing a DEK 265 Horizon to right to left

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 09:03:44 EDT 2019 | dekhead

It uses the same BS position regardless of feed direction. In right feed, it passes Board under the camera and when (board @ stop) sensor detects board has passed, drops the BS and reverses conveyor direction. There is "Right Feed Delay" parameter to

MYDATA HYDRA Z/156 error on Hardware Intialization.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 06 14:02:05 EDT 2020 | tomdegas

I have tried that Tim and I get the same error message. Originally it would pass in the service menu but when I switched back to TPsys, it would fail. I tested the friction one time it did pass and it was well withing the range. Thanks for the res

Re:Help!! Couple more questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 11:38:53 EDT 2000 | Kevin Facinelli

Couple more questions: The problem we have is that on the bottom side we are using a bunch of resistor networks. These have been very difficult to solder through the wave. The products: Top Side: 4-6 BGA 2/3 QFP 500 component

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