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Samsung CP40C starting problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 05:59:17 EDT 2019 | robertorocco

Hi Kayvee If indicate your mail i send you a video of this problem. Thanks

Samsung CP40 laser question

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 07 13:03:53 EDT 2020 | assuredtech

SMT Forum, Does anyone know if the Sanyo laser alignments can be replaced with the Cyberoptics brand? If so is it plug and play or does it require any software or machine configuration changes. Thanks in advance

Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 25 18:59:49 EST 2017 | superlen

When the fiducial fails, the machine stops with the crosshairs near the fid that couldn't be read. On the CP45 you just jog to the center and tell it use the position you just navigated to. (the manual correction). I believe the cp40 is the same...

Samsung CP40LV Hard Drive Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 17:12:41 EST 2013 | cano1912

The hard drive on our CP40LV went out. Does not work. Anybody knows where I can find one to replace the bad one. Is it like a regular PC where you just replace the hard drive as long as it has the operating system and program in it. Need help...I h

Samsung CP40CV conveyor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 09:12:03 EST 2016 | anel_elektronik

Hallo, Following problem with CP40CV conveyor: If I start production, put first PCB and after placement PCB is transported to the output of conveyor and I take it out. Next PCB after placement is waiting endless. All sensors are ok. Looks as if t

Samsung CP40C starting problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 06:19:56 EDT 2019 | kayvee

I don't profess to be an expert, just I remember a few things when a ran the CP40 some years ago. Also check the PC, I remember mine had some intermittent connection issues between the cards in the ISA slots, and re-seating them sometimes helped.

Samsung 30mm filter p/n

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 19:05:12 EST 2011 | thejedeye

Can someone help please, purchasing agent guessing which p/n needed, for a Samsung CP 40CV there are 3 - 30MM filter located behind vacuum head, we think its one of these p/n's. P/N J1300300-I, P/N J1300300, P/N J1301351 TiA Thanks

Samsung CP40CV VME Issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 06:59:58 EDT 2012 | JB

We have an issue with our Samsung Pick & Place. It comes up with errors. No sequence-finished from handler (%1) Loading SYSTEM data to DPRAM is failed Failed to create empty document No command response from handler. (0xffff) We have tried swap

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 22:54:57 EDT 2017 | palsrvs

Hoping to get help on our Samsung CP40. We are trying figure out what part to replace for a Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523. Originally Head 1 was having this error. Swapped out I/O board and Z-Axis control for head one and same error s

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 02:49:43 EDT 2010 | sibbe

yes, we are also picking it up on the flat part of the component. So we won't damage the dome. Just as discribed on the assembly and handling data sheet. Because the component is picked up out of the centre, it gets instable when picking it up out of

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