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Can CSM84V and CSM84VZ do 0402 ???

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ted nguyen


Can CSM84V and CSM84VZ do 0402 ??? | 12 April, 2006

Does any one out there know if CSM84V and CSM84VZ can do 0402 parts ? If so, do they actually make 8mmx2mm feeders for these machines. I've had someone tell me they do, but i can't seem to find those feeders anywhere.

thank you

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Can CSM84V and CSM84VZ do 0402 ??? | 17 April, 2006

Short answer is - not really. According to the manual in Chapter 1-5 Supply devices (Feeders) overview "There are also available an 8mm tape feeder which handles 1005(0402) square chips". I have never seen one. The problem is that even an H nozzle is larger than the 0402 chip and the "Jaw 1005" is wider and will not reach the component to square it. You could grind an H nozzle down and have some jaws custom made with a longer reach and thinner blade but this will result in increased breakage. You will have vaccuum reading problems unless you stay right on top of your vaccuumm settings and frequency of nozzle cleaning. Before you start you might as well disassemble the head assembly and totally recondition or maybe buy a new head assembly if you can find one.Your calibration of the chucking assembly jaws will also have to be spot on. These machines struggle with 0603's, let alone 0402. If you do succeed, my opinion is that head will have to be dedicated to 0402 and maybe 0603.

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