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Lead Free and ICT

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Lead Free and ICT | 9 May, 2006

Hey guys,

Anybody having trouble with increased false contact issues in ICT after switching from lead to lead free? Our test guys keep trying to imply that the flux residues are a problem (we're using Alpha EF2202), but as the soldering process eng, I insist that the problem is that we need stronger probes. The flux residues can be easily scraped away. Who's right?

thx Larry

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Lead Free and ICT | 9 May, 2006

in all actuality, you are both right.

Alpha metals does have the toughest/hardest noclean residue that I have seen.

When changing to no-clean FLUX you should run different probes.

So back to square one. You're both right so who's gonna win?


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Lead Free and ICT | 10 May, 2006

I agree! I am using a SAC305 no clean from Alpha. I have noticed that even hand probing with volt meter leads requires me to press very hard on the pads to bust through the flux residue.

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Lead Free and ICT | 3 June, 2006

Yes we do have a problem with this. We have by now investigate numerous lead/RoHS PCBA:s The RoHS boards are by far the most difficult one's to probe and test. Our people at the "test area" including Flying Probe and ICT they spend a lot of time to troubleshoot the boards. We now know that the flux residues is the problem. Stronger probes? Yes Harder pressure? yes Probe replacement more often? Yes Everything on this matter has been predicted well in an advance before the RoHS introduction. But still, there is a problem. Time is money as You know.

Any idea's of how to make it more efficient/better folk's? Sincerly/

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