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MVP 1820 AOI

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MVP 1820 AOI | 25 August, 2006

Good afternoon,

Question is addressed to MVP 1820 AOI users. Could you give your feedback? What are the pros and cons for this machine? Ease of programming, repeatability, features etc. Thanks in advance.

BR, Pavel

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MVP 1820 AOI | 7 September, 2006

Hi Pavel,

Great machines - very good for high volume - we did a lot of OEM overflow work and for fault finding & speed it kicked the other more expensive machines into touch.


Programming is a lot slower initially than some of the other machines (such as cyberoptics), however when you include tuning time it does even out a little.

Also is only top down, so won't pick up BGA's and some other components.

You will also need a decent operator to program the machine. If you do go for one go for barcode support and a reapir station. Don't know about your country but the support is very good in the UK.

Kind regards,


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MVP 1820 AOI | 8 September, 2006

Thanks for input, Rob.

BR, Pavel.

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