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mpm | 6 December, 2006

usb mouse not detect, and can't install driver. Need instruction on how to install driver since it won't let me copy to C:/ drive.

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mpm | 6 December, 2006

Most MPM's have a DOS operating system only, no windows. Most newer trackball drivers are installed in windows. I haven't had much luck using new trackballs because of this. You can probably find a logitech marble plus on ebay.

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mpm | 6 December, 2006

Chris, you need to get out more. I haven't seen a DOS only MPM in many years. Most MPMs do have that new fangled Windows on em'. Shoot, even seen one of them fancy flat screens on one (in the rich parts of the neighborhood)!

Seth, what type and year machine you workign with? Try calling tech support, they should get you set-up in no time.

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mpm | 6 December, 2006

Think you will find every mpm is operating on dos base software, just in the last 2 years have they got software with windows base. The mouse is related to the version of software, and the old software requires only one model of mouse. Give up trying to load new mouse driver's to the old software, you have to change lines in the auto bat file. Let us know what level of software your using and we can tell you which mouse you need. You can boot up on any serial mouse, but can't operate on just any mouse. Oh well that's my two cent's worth harry

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mpm | 7 December, 2006

Chunks, your right, I need to get out more. What are you doing Saturday night?

Harry is right about the software version compatability with trackballs. What is the version and machine type?

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