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de-ionized water

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de-ionized water | 5 June, 2007

Question: What is the standard for de-ionized water in smt field if any at all. Would it be more cost effect to buy an de-ionizer then to buy the water? If so can you point me in the right direction.


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de-ionized water | 5 June, 2007

De ionized is de-ionized.

Contact your local water supplier such as culligan or whoever. They can give you the rundown on leasing or buying tanks, etc... Your cleaner will have to have some type of provision for adding external filtration/deionization


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de-ionized water | 5 June, 2007


When you the standard, I assume you are talking about what kind of set-ups. If so, then RDR is right. Contact a supplier. Most sell the water and also units that can make D.I. water. It depends on your need and size of your cleaner. In-line cleaners can need lots of DI water and you can install a closed loop system. Stand alone 'dishwasher' style cleaners generally use 'bottled DI water'.

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de-ionized water | 5 June, 2007

There is no standard. Companies select a lower control limit based on the desired cleanliness. Guidelines to consider are: * With fresh resin beds, expect get 17.5 mohm-cm water into the final rinse and then it decreases from there. * Semiconductor industry needs 17 mohm-cm. * High purity for high reliability (military, life-support) boards would be 1 mohm-cm. * High purity for commercial boards would be 0.5 mohm-cm. * Lower purity for consumer boards would be 0.1 mohm-cm.

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