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Lead Free Transisition

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Lead Free Transisition | 2 September, 2007

Good day... Anyone please confirm that changing process to lead free => that I Can still use my old laser cut stencil that I used in leaded process? and also my wave pallet that I have used in leaded process? Your comment is highly appreciated for all lead-free transition recommendation and control.cheers n rgds

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Lead Free Transisition | 3 September, 2007

hi, we use our old pallet and stencil too and we can't problem yet.

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Lead Free Transisition | 4 September, 2007

We've got 2 lead free lines running at present and one leaded. Our lead free pallets and stencils were both leaded before changing over.

Just take care to remove any built up flux from the pallets as well as hidden leaded solder deposits prior to running through your new lead free wave.

I will also add that you may want to redesign your stencils if you used apreture reduction with your leaded strencils. Lead free doesnt flow as freely as leaded solder did meaning you will want to print most of the pad now to get more solder to the joint and better fillets on your joints

Good luck!


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