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WSOL and solder pot

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WSOL and solder pot | 12 March, 2008

I recently witnessed a process in which the solder pot operator used Techspray WSOL water soluble masking to cover the areas around a connector that was to be soldered on the solder pot. He did not wait for the WSOL to cure. He soldered immediately. Yes , this made a mess. The WSOL was floating all in the solder pot. I was wondering if anyone else employs this method? I can see the initial benefit of ease and speed, but I am concerned about the contamination of the solder pot. He simply scraped the WSOL out of the pot as you would dross. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, B

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WSOL and solder pot | 12 March, 2008

Poor training. Don't blame the operator, he was either shown this or left to his own devices. Be the better man and provide him a better process. Regular old peelabale solder mask would be a start.

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WSOL and solder pot | 12 March, 2008

I witnessed this at our sister company. It seems to be their standard process. It is not my place to interfere with their processes. I was just curious if there was any chance of brittle solder joints or other defects that might be caused from the WSOL contamination or if it is a non factor. It is a faster process, be it messy and unsightly. If there is nothing to be worried about I would try using that method myself.

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WSOL and solder pot | 13 March, 2008

If the mask is not cured and is coming off in the pot I don't see how it is protecting anything. If you want to mask something fast you need to use tape not liquid mask that requires cure. My $.02.

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WSOL and solder pot | 14 March, 2008

The way it works is the liquid solder immediatley cures (or should I say burns) the WSOL where ever it touches it. This hardens and keeps it in place and protects whatever is under it. Some of the WSOL falls of in the pot. I am suprised that the burned WSOL comes off in the wash, but it does.

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