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Pick and place pickle

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Pick and place pickle | 9 June, 2008

Hello everyone, I'm a long time reader of the forums but this will be my first time posting and seeking help.

Here's our situation, we have a small pick and place it places about 1800 parts per hour. It is a good R/D proto machine, but it is quickly becoming a bottle neck. I want to upgrade although I see many options available I would like to get some advice from the trenches. We are a small OEM and growing, the biggest limiting factor is space, we don't have a lot of room at this point. I would like to get 3600 to 5000 parts per hour placed, a decent vision system, and possible upgradable in 3-5 years. Thank you in advance for any advice and direction to previous threads.

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Pick and place pickle | 9 June, 2008

There are many machines that would fit the bill and because of that I would probably suggest you determine a budget first and then go from there.

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Pick and place pickle | 10 June, 2008

If you have a high mix of products, I would recommend a MyData machine. Changeover times from one job to the next can be minimal.

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Pick and place pickle | 11 June, 2008

Mydata is a large footprint. I would personally look into AIM, XP242, or even universals or panasonics. I would make sure to watch auctions or check used market. We just purchased a XP242 not long ago from auction for about half the proce of a new one. Drop me an email if you want to get more info.

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Pick and place pickle | 13 June, 2008

You might want to look at Juki's. They have a great warranty. Not that you would need it.

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Pick and place pickle | 20 June, 2008

Look into a used Siemens F-4 or F-5. These machines can be had for a reasonable cost, they are easy to maintain, the footprint is small (7' X 7.5') and they are simple to program. These machines have a 12 nozzle "Star" revolving placement head for small passives, and a IC (single placement) head for larger IC's the small revolving head cannot handle.

The learning curve was relatively small after we got our first Siemens machines and after becoming fimiliar with them I have found that when needed their tech support is second to none. I work 3rd shift and when I have needed to call them to get me over a sticking point, I have been guided in the correct direction each and every time which has helped us to minimize our downtime, which everyone knows means saving money!

Good luck!

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Pick and place pickle | 20 June, 2008

try changint the pickle to a potatoe! Remeber that post? Honda guy thought it was real!

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Pick and place pickle | 26 June, 2008

hello Zonker

cheaper versions

tws essemtec ivastech heeb fridge autotronik

more expensive:

mydata siemens juki uic GSM europlacer ipulse assemblion

I will definitely miss some, but at least is some place to start.

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