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Missprint PCB cleaning

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Missprint PCB cleaning | 11 August, 2008

Hi All We are looking for not expensive solution for misprint PCB cleaning for both one and double side assemblies. We have tried different ways and cleaning solutions like: IPA, Vigon Zestron SD300, Vigon SC200 by deep the boards in to stainless steel bath and brush them. IPA is a chip solution but it works fine only on PCB's one side soldering. The same with SD 300. SC200 also working good but PCB's should be dried or baked properly before soldering because it is water bases solution. Does some one have more convenience solution without using any machinery?

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Missprint PCB cleaning | 12 August, 2008

A copy of the IPC-7526 "Stencil and Misprint Cleaning Handbook" is available as a free download at:

Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems

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Mossman Technologies


Missprint PCB cleaning | 17 August, 2008

You might want to try on kolb MultiEx 3D waterbased detergent.

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Missprint PCB cleaning | 18 August, 2008

Try Avantec Topklean EL-60, can clean off solder paste or uncured glue, is hydrocarbon based cleaner - but with high flash point.

Will evapourate faster than water based solutions, not as fast as IPA , but does much better job.

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Missprint PCB cleaning | 18 August, 2008

What paste are you cleaning from the board?

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