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Mydata M100 Series ?

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Mydata M100 Series ? | 18 August, 2008

Is there anyone out there using the new Mydata MY100 series machines ? We are looking into a MY100DX-12 or a MY100DX-14 machine.

I am interested in all comments...good..bad...

Thanks in advance.

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Mydata M100 Series ? | 19 August, 2008

Looked like a sweet machine at the APEX show but I have not used one. Sure wish I could talk my boss into getting one before our old Mydata TP9 machine dies.

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Mydata M100 Series ? | 29 August, 2008

We received one about 5 weeks ago, about 65% faster and still have all the flexibility of our original mydata machines. On a side note we had a head to head competition between them and juki for a week.

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Mydata M100 Series ? | 29 August, 2008

Could you describe the head to head competition ? What was it based on..price ?...capability?..both ?

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Mydata M100 Series ? | 2 September, 2008

Watching it operate reminds me of an old school Fuji IP-II.

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