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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ??

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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ?? | 2 October, 2008

Hi All, I am currently in the process of selecting a new stencil printer and have narrowed it down to the MPM125 or DEK Horizon 03i.. We re a UK medium volume production facility running quite a high mix of double sided PCB`s. What are peoples thoughts on these two machines? Set up & changeover times, ease of programming, reliability, accuracy and support are my key pointers in choosing between them..


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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ?? | 6 October, 2008

I've installed both (at different companies),currently a MPM 125 user. The DEK seemed slightly easier to program a new board. I guess it depends on which platform you're most familiar with. The Hawkeye inspection we had is fast to setup but doesn't provide a lot of data. The cover/rolltop is next to worthless once it starts to wear - I prefer the 125's hinged cover/lid. The vision on the 125 good, fids are easy to teach and the synthetic model works well on apertures (even groups..such as a SOT23) in the event you don't have proper fiducials. Both machines performed well in production with few issues.

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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ?? | 6 October, 2008

DEK 03 everytime, what printers do you use right now?

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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ?? | 8 October, 2008

Hi, Thanks for the replies! We currently use a mixture of DEK 265 LT`s and GSX`s. I ll be honest they are all around ten years old and i find them very reliable and easy to set up and maintain, with the only real issues we see now and again is with the under stencil cleaner not contacting the stencil.. I have some experience with an MPM U2000, it does look a more robust machine, but i find the DEK platform to be a more user friendly and easier to set up, plus DEK provide great direct support!

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New Printer :- Dek Horizon 03i or MPM 125 ?? | 14 October, 2008

currently we have a new Horizon 02i, new software "instinctive" is pretty easy to program and operator friendly, i love to work with proflow. Gridlock is not working so good as they told. I don't like that the paper doesn't roll while you're under cleaning, I think only the galaxy series does it (the cadillac of the deks)

Machine-wise, we have been struggling with some issues (y-camera motor replaced, pulley/belt mechanism replaced) and a lot of issues with grid-lok.

This is the only one DEK machine that we have, also we have other 6 MPM... but all of them very old (aP27, HiE, the worstofthem UP3000) so there's not a point of comparation.

In my opinion, MPM is a more robust machine (and more costly) but the older machines are much more mechanical (a lot of sensors, flags, servos) so is much more probability of a failure. I Have heard good things about the accela and acuprint.

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