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pick and place vaccum

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pick and place vaccum | 6 November, 2008


One of our pick and place machine uses rietschel vaccum pump. It is making lot of noise. I am in searching alternative solution which could be venturi pumps.

Does anyone has experince in changing vaccum pump to venturi system.? What should I be aware of.? Is it in terms of useage of electrcity worth to do this.? Venturi will use more air.?

Any comments big thank you.



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pick and place vaccum | 10 November, 2008

Hi janz,

you should be aware of everything. You are going to change subsystem on your machine. How much vacuum you need on the machine? Can you control the vacuum level with your system? Can you control the the system at all? Is it really much more cheaper? Do you know what can go wrong later? Do you need that machine for production?

it looks like you don't know exactly what to do. Better change the pump. Most probably you will stop using that machine before the new pump dies. Don't go with different solution, if you rely on that machine. I worked 6 years in R&D of P&P machines. One screw can change a lot.

Regards, Emil

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pick and place vaccum | 10 November, 2008

It'll just transfer the load to your compressor, and who knows how efficient your venturi pump (which can also be noisy) will be (IOW, how much load it puts on your compressor is anyone's guess)?

I'd just replace or rebuild the vacuum pump, personally.

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