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Manncorp MC386 Video Card problem

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Manncorp MC386 Video Card problem | 16 December, 2008

Hello everyone, I am new to the site, and I am hoping someone here can help me. We have a Manncorp MC386 and wanted to add a dual monitor video card to it. IT has an avalible PCI slot, so we bought a video card that will support dual monitors and installed it. The problem is, the computer isn't recognizing it as a video card, but as a PCI bridge, so it limits the card to 16 colors and 640x480. Since the computer doesn't seem to know its a video card, no drivers work for it. Any idea how to make it work?

Thanks for any help!

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Manncorp MC386 Video Card problem | 17 December, 2008

Hi Matt, Please help us understand what you are trying to do with the dual monitors. If my memory serves me correctly the PC on the P-N-P is mostly used as data storage. The vision system including component cameras, fiducial cameras and bottom vision are all controlled through a vision interface...maybe Cognex. So putting a dual monitor board in the PC really does not do anything as it is seperate from the vision system. You will need to tap into the vision system for dual monitors vs. the pc.

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Manncorp MC386 Video Card problem | 17 December, 2008

Well my boss has explained to me that when he imports the data, because it is not the correct file we have to switch it over to the correct style and doing that on the PNP is easier. I have not seen anyone do this since I have just started a few months ago, but it is more for use before the machine is running, and getting it ready, not so much for the actual PNP software, so you can have the software and something else opened.

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