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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish?

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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish? | 7 December, 2010

As a high mix, low volume CEM who deal with a lot of free-issued kits, we are heavily reliant on foil (tape cover) extenders. We don't usually bother with splicing as our machine feeders (Simenes Siplace and Samsung SM321) are designed in such a way that you lose very few components before getting the tape on sprocket, but we generally need a fair bit of foil to get back to the mechanism that pulls it off. Trouble is... every type we've tried is rubbish. They're either made of a super shiny material that the mechanism can't get a grip on it to pull it back, meaning components end up in the picking window with the foil still on.... or..... they're not sticky enough and come detached. With the SM321 this is a particular problem as it sets of the safety sensors and you get a 'critical stop'.

Anyone else have trouble with tape extenders, or is there a better solution? I was thinking about some method of welding/melting foil to foil (like you can get those domestic battery operated bag sealers).


Gary UK

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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish? | 8 December, 2010

Not familiar with your machines, but on out Assembleon Opals we take the used cover tape from another feeder and tape it to the cover tape of our cut tape we are loading with some thin double stick tape. The 3m VHB type. Then we wrap that with a piece of scotch tape. I know it sound sorta long and drawn out but it really doesn't take much time and usually hold till it's through the gears. May not work for your feeders though.

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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish? | 9 December, 2010

I just take a piece of discarded cover tape and tie the two together with a square knot. It runs right through on my CSM84s

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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish? | 21 December, 2010

Hi Gary.

I have the same problem on my Siplace feeders, and have tried different products like you have. This is what I have experienced so far: The "bag sealer" method does not really work well. Problem is that the tape foil type (plastic type) varies alot, so you will need to control the heating element on the sealer to avoid to cut the plastic, and to have it "seal" within a reasonable time. But when it works, it is fast and easy. However, for now, I use the Schreiner 25um tape extenders, the trick is to remove the tiny air bubbles under the tape, then it works for the most. Another simple trick is release the foil tension a little, just after you load the feeders, so they will at least not become detached before the placement starts.


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SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish? | 7 January, 2011

Haha Gary. Just come across this post, I promised to send you some of mine to try didn't I. Remind me to bring a box down when I do the service :-)

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