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Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification

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Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification | 12 April, 2011

New to using Ion Chromatography (IC)testing to understand cleanliness of PCB. I've been informed that one method to monitor is to use R/O/I. What is R/O/I?

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Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification | 13 April, 2011

Have used IC for years, but I'm not familiar with that, ROSE maybe. Its a stretch, but maybe R/O/I would be rosin/resin, organic, or inorganic for the type flux being used?

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Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification | 13 April, 2011

Thanks for the reply. R/O/I is ROSE / Omegameter / Ionograph which is used as a baseline for Ion Chromatography.

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Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification | 14 April, 2011

ROSE has the advantage in that it does have a specific acceptance criteria (J-STD-001), whereas the IC does not. ROSE allows the test to be run at ambient or at an elevated temp, IC requires the component/board/assembly to be "cooked" for 1 hour @ 80°C (solubilize more contaminants). The drawback with IC (after costs) is the lack of ionic acceptance limits. There are several labs (I used to work for 2) that have established their own limits based on years of testing, but like acceptable solder joint strength, there are too many variables to nail down values that industry would accept.

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