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PCB racks

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PCB racks | 20 July, 2011

Does anyone have a source for high temp PCB racks? Fancort makes them, but they do not make high temp racks like we need. We used to buy Calmark and they do not make them any longer..

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PCB racks | 4 August, 2011

Thanks Dave - IF you look ath the Fancort RA-18HT. This is a high temp plastic that will handle 350 F. This is what we need, but in the 8 1/2 by 20 size. No one seems to make them now. We are a bare board manufacturer as well se wee bake boards at hihg temp in our process and our racks that we have are getting old.

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PCB racks | 9 August, 2011

I used InsulFab to make some for me in the past, ran into the same issue. They did an excellent job

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